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The (photographic) hunt for owls continues!

Owls in a facade in Avenue Molière

Owls in a facade in Avenue Molière

Facade with owls in Avenue Molière

Facade with owls in Avenue Molière

Definitely, owls are ubiquitous in Brussels. When walking through the streets of Brussels in one of my hunts for owls (and other creatures) I found this magnificent pair (or couple) of owls perched on the facade of an equally gorgeous art nouveau house in the Avenue Molière, in the section belonging to the commune of Forest/Vorst.

I do not know the name of the architect who designed the house but the house has the looks of those designed by Jena Baptiste Dewin. Perhaps readers could help me in finding the name of the architect and the year the house was built.

More owls

As you can see I have not been idle during the past weeks.

Here are a few more prizes of my hunts for owls!

Another owl…in a balcony this time!

Owl in a balcony

Owl in a balcony

I am back!

Those who thought that I had stopped with my blog: do not worry! I am here in Brussels, alive and kicking!

Proof of this is this new post. On owls, once more!

As I mentioned in my previous post owls are a very special bird, at least here in Brussels, a city marked in history by a strong presence of the free-masonry.

The owl you see “hangs” in balcony of a house located nearby the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, i.e. the Flemish “opposite” of the  “Université Libre de Bruxelles”

Owls again!

Two more owls.

The first one can be seen at the Avenue Ernest Cambier in Schaarbeek, close to place Meiser. I have taken three pictures of this owl. Perhaps you will concur with me that it is a very imposing one, at least when looking at its “face”.

The second ornates the façade of a house somewhere in Saint-Gilles. The problem is that I do not remember where (the street) I took the picture. At any rate the reader will notice that the owl keeps in its claws some sort of reptile (a snake, or a small dragon?). Quite an extraordinary depiction of the owl.

More Brussels’ fauna (owls)

Again today I will take advantage of the summer holidays to post some more pictures of Brussels. I will continue with the Brussels’ fauna.

Here are more pictures of owls. As you can see some houses in Brussels have beautifully adorned with owls carved in stone, sculpted or painted.