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The Interbellum: 1932 – 2

This is a follow-up to my previous post on 1932? which included pictures of the church of Saint Jean-Baptiste in Molenbeek.

This post displays pictures of architects signatures, some of them famous ones (Dewin, De Lestré, Van Meulecom). A picture with a building by Jasinski (with the corresponding signature) also appears in the post.

The reader will also notice the plaque (in French) mentioning 1932 as the year when construction of the church of Sainte Suzanne in Schaarbeek (see picture) was completed. Interesting to note is that this is one of the three Brussels churches built in concrete, the two others are Saint Jean Baptiste in Molenbeek (see my post on 1932) and Saint Augustin in Forest.

There is also a picture depicting the year 1932. It is from the façade of a school in Saint-Gilles.

Worthwhile mentioning also is the signature of architect Troffaers

The interbellum: 1932

This is an special entry for the year 1932. In that year the church of Saint Jean Baptiste (Molenbeek) was completed. It was designed by architect Diongre (see my post on 1927). This church is one of the 3 Brussels’ churches built in reinforced concrete.

I took the pictures after a guided tour of the church on the 2012 “Journée du Patrimoine” in the Brussels’ Region. It was the last guided tour of the day and I was the last visitor. I was the only one in the building, apart from the security staff.

As you will see this is a remarkable art-deco building.