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The 19th century in Brussels: 1874

The pictures I took displaying this year concern mainly memorials. Two relate to Belgian politicians who played important roles in the independence of Belgium. The first one is dedicated to Count de Theux de Meylandt and the second one to Alexandre Gendebien.The latter monument has an interesting detail: in the socle the months “octobre” and “septembre” are written “Xbre” and “7bre” respectively.

The other memorial (plaque) is dedicated to Auguste Perret, a French architect (born in Ixelles) who pioneered in the use of reinforced concrete. Worth noting is that Brussels counts 3 churches built in reinforced concrete: Saint Augustin (Uccle), Sainte Suzanne (Schaerbeek) and Saint Jean Baptispte (Molenbeek).In a separate post I will include the pictures I took of this church taking advantage of a visit during the “Journée du patrimoine” in 2012.

Readers will note that only one picture relates to a façade displaying the year 1874. The building is located close to the Place de la Bourse.