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The years of war: 1918

Last year of World War I. The only house I found, marked with that year, is the one by architect L. Sauvage which I showed in a previous post (1916).

The other pictures I am showing in this post relate to memorials erected after the war. One of these pictures shows Ernest Solvay. Besides being one of the most prominent figures in Belgium’s industrial and scientific history he was a philanthropist. He launched in 1914, together with Brussels major Adolphe Max, the Commité Central de Secours et d’Alimentation, an institution that provided relief (mainly food) to the population. The Committee for Relief for Belgium, a similar institution but with an international dimension, was established under the leadership of Herbert Hoover.

Two pictures display details of a memorial remembering battles fought by the Belgian armies in Africa and more specifically the battle of Tabora. (see my post on 1914).

The years of war: 1916

The First World War is in full swing and still, houses were built in Brussels. Here are a few examples. There is also a picture of a memorial of a Belgian postman executed by the Germans in 1916.

For those readers interested in memorials in Brussels I strongly recommend to take a look at the website: