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The 19th century in Brussels: 1885

For 1885 I only found one house dsiplaying the year 1885. The house stands in the rue de la Source – Bronstraat, in the Brussels municipality of Saint Gilles – Sint Gillis.

In the picture gallery for this post readers will notice that I have included a picture of a monument already appearing in other posts, for example on the year 1914.

The year 1885 was a relatively rich year in events in Belgian history. On 5 February King Léopold II of Belgium establishes the Congo Free State as a personal possession. Also in that year on 26 February concluded the “Berlin Conference”. This Conference (or “Kongokonferenz” in German) organised the colonisation and trade in Africa by European powers.

On 5 and 6 April 1885 the Belgian Workers’ Party or Belgian Labour Party  was founded in a house on the GRand’ Place. This house hosts now the famous restaurant “La Maison du Cygne”.