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The Interbellum: 1934

Similarly to 1933 it was easy to find houses built on that year or plaques and memorials displaying that year.

The first picture displays the year 1934 and the name of J.B. Dewin with the words “arch.” (architect) and “bouwm.” (bouwmeester), which is the dutch word for architect.  We have thus here a bilingual architect signature. I also found interesting the fact that after the year 1934 a dot has been placed. This signature can be seen on the façade of the town hall of the Brussels municipality of Forest / Vorst. Here is a link to Wikipedia with a nice picture of this building

The interbellum: 1926

Much to my surprise 1926 was an “easy” year.

I found a number of houses with the year 1926 depicted in the façade or with architects signatures showing the year 1926.

Interesting also the fact that the outside of the Joseph Mariën stadion (Union Saint-Gilloise)  was decorated in 1926 by sculptor Oscar De Clerck.

This post includes a guest city. It is the Spanish town of Cartagena.