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The Interbellum: 1930 – 2

This posts on the year 1930 concerns pictures related to history.

In some of the pictures readers acquainted with Belgian history will recognise Baudouin, King of the Belgians, in a familiar demeanor: waking, with hands clasped behind, and head slightly down. I found that this monument captures  very well the personality of Baudouin, who in the last years of his life seemed worried about a number of things, perhaps most about the future existence of his country. The monument’s floor stone displays his birth year: 1930

The other interesting historical person appearing in the gallery is Felix Hap. As mentioned in the memorial he was the founder and the leader of catholic charitable works in Etterbeek. He promoted a sizable number of institutions and bodies (e.g. schools, mutual health insurance schemes, workers corporations) in Etterbeek and in the Brussels area. He even renounced to be appointed mayor of Etterbeek because he wanted to devoted himself to this charitable activities. He died in 1930.

An interesting feature of his legacy is the park “Jean-Félix Hap”, located in the commune of Etterbeek. This park is made of of the garden of the Hap’s family house. It is a nice green spot in Brussels, close to the EU area.

For those interested to know more about the park and the Hap’s family: I found these two detailed studies in the website of the commune of Etterbeek.

Click to access etude-historique-maisonhap-dusausoy-version-290515.pdf

The remaining picture showing a series of years is taken from the memorial to Charles de Broqueville. From 1926 to 1930 he was Belgium’s Minister of Defence.