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The Interbellum: 1929

This year was an “easy” one as regards architects’ signatures displaying the year 1929.

In a separate post I will include a galllery with pictures of plaques and other memorials displaying the year 1929.

The interbellum: 1923

On 31 August 1923 the League of Nations handed over to Belgium the former German colonies of Rwanda and Burundi under the name Rwanda-Urundi.

Also in 1923 French and Belgian troops occupy the Ruhr area to pressure Germany to pay the reparation payments.

SABENA (Société Anonyme Belge d’Exploitation de la Navigation Aérienne), the predecessor of Brussels Airlines, was established in 1923 and the first flight took place on 1 July of that year between Brussels and London (via Ostend).

France and Belgium concluded a bilateral trade treaty on 12 May 1923.

1923 was also the year where the University of Ghent became bilingual (French-Dutch). In 1930 Dutch became the official language of the University.

And 1 December 1923 was the birth date of Maurice De Bevere (also known as “Morris”). He was the Belgian cartoonist who created “Lucky Luke”.