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The Interbellum: 1929 – 2

In this post I include a gallery with pictures of memorials and plaques.

Two famous people are featured in this post.

The first one was born in Brussels: actress Audrey Hepburn. As mentioned in the plaque the “comedienne” was born on 4 May 1929 in the Brussels’ municipality of Ixelles / Elsene. There is also a picture of the house where she was born.

The second one is singer Jacques Brel. The memorial displaying his birth’s year can be seen in a park (Wolvendael) in the Uccle / Uccle, also a Brussels’ Region municipality.

For both I have borrowed images from Wikimedia Commons.

The plaque in metal is to be found in a building called “L’Aegidium” also in Brussels. This building, by architect Guillaume Segers and dating from 1906, was first called “Diamant Palace” and belonged to Leon Bejao-Dejonge. It was a venue for shwos and parties. After being bought by Fernand Dierckx it was renamed to “Panthéon Palace” and in 1929 Canon Simons acquired the building, which was then used for parish activities (Aegidium in the Latin name for Saint-Gilles, the patron saint of this Brussels’ municipality). The plaque in the post displays a bas-relief of canon G. Simons and mentions that the “Aegidium” was inaugurated on 29-IX-1929.

For those interested here are two links about this building:

In French:

In English:

Finally, the bilingual plaque (French, Dutch) is to be found on the façade of the “Eglise du Divin Enfant Jésus” in the Houba de Strooper avenue, close to the Heyzel area.