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Achitects’ signatures (not dated) – 2

Here I continue with my posts about architects’ signatures that do not include a year.

This gallery comprises architects’ names starting with the letter C.

In the gallery of pictures two of the signatures concern houses that are located in Liège (thus a “guest city” in this post). They architects signing in Liège are Crahay and Cadanus.

I would also draw the attention to the reader to the “seal” that appears under the signature of architects “Crickx & Marit”. It certifies that the ceramic used in the façade was produced by the company “Helman Ceramic”. In my archives I have seen that there is a another picture displaying this seal, next to the architect’s signature.

For those interested in learning more about the “Helman Ceramic” company see this post in a blog, in Dutch. There are pictures of the old location of the company, but perphaps more important, of the very fine ceramics they produced for use in façades.