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The 19th century in Brussels: 1873

Much to my surprise my archive included several pictures where the year 1873 could be found.

Some readers will recognise one of the façades of the Brussels’ Stock Exchange building (La Bourse). The year 1873 is depicted in the façade at the rear of the building. I have also included in this post’s gallery a picture of the piece with archangel Michael, at the top of the façade.

There is also a memorial of general Leman, a Belgian World War I hero, in the façade of a house in Etterbeek, where he lived from 1873 to 1906.

A street sign also displays the year 1873. This was the year David Livingstone died in Africa.

I did also picture a plaque at the “Concert Noble” a building containing a ballroom. It was built in 1873 and was designed by architect Hendirk Beyaert.

The two other memorials concern the 100 year anniversary of the train link Brussels – Calevoet and the place where Paul Verlaine shot Arthur Rimbaud on 10 July 1873. Interesting to note is that an exhibition is now running in Mons on Verlaine’s stay in prison, following the Brussels incident.