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The 19th century in Brussels: 1878

Not an easy year.

Thomas Edison invented in that year a version of the incandescent light bulb that would change the world.

Architect  Gustave Strauwen, a follower and a colleague of Victor Horta, was born in that year.

In Belgium, King Leopold II sets up the  “Comité d’études du Haut-Congo”.

The interbellum: 1919

World War I is over. In 1919 begins the so called “inter-bellum”, i.e. the period between the two World Wars.  As for 1918 I have been unable to take a picture of a house built in 1919. I nevertheless managed to take some pictures of memorials displaying the year 1919.

The one mentioning the name of Joseph Leo Cardijn, a Belgian priest and cardinal and the founder of the Young Christian Workers, can be found in the façade of house (the rectory?), close to the cemetery of Laeken and the Church of Our Lady of Laeken.