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The interbellum: 1928 (continued – 2)

In this post I will show some monuments and memorials displaying the year 1928.

The first three pictures are about the Sainte Suzanne church in Schaerbeek. This church was built, for the most part, in concrete.

The following three picture relate to a memorial to the victims of motor racing. The memorial is also located in Schaerbeek and was erected in 1928.

The following four pictures show a memorial to Pierre Carsoel, a benefactor of the municipality of Uccle.

The last picture is of a memorial to a Belgian composer, Albrecht Huybrechts, who lived in a house in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre.

The Interbellum: 1928

This is a great year, at least when looking at the number of houses that display the year 1928 in the façade or as part of an architect’s “signature”.  With regard to the latter it is worth mentioning the different styles of calligraphy used.

See a few examples hereunder: