The interbellum: 1920

This is really a difficult “year”. I could not find a house, let alone a building, displaying a mark with the year 1920.  What I found is a monument to Emile Bockstael, the lest major of Laeken. He died in 1920. He was the last major of Laeken because this municipality disappeared as it was “annexed” by the city of Brussels. Hereunder are a few pictures on Emile Bockstael.

I also found information on the monument in the website  (“standbeelden” means statues in Dutch). It is a project of a non-profit organisation called Statua vzw. Here is the link to monument to Bockstael in Both website are in Dutch.

In 1920 Summer Olympics took place in Antwerp. Antwerp was chosen above Amsterdam and Lyons as an acknowledgement of the sufferings that Belgium, and Antwerp, had to go through during World War I. These were the first games where the Olympic oath was pronounced and the Olympic flag was displayed.

In 1920 Jean Paul II was born. From 1946 to 1948 he stayed in Rome at the “Pontificio Collegio Belga”.

From 5-6 July 1920 took place the “Spa Conference“. The conference was attended by World War I allies and the Germans. It dealt with war reparations and with the territorial dispute over Cieszyn Silesia between the Second Polish Republic and Czechoslovakia.


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