Brussels in the 19th century: 1890

I must confess I have had some difficulties in writing a comment to this post, in particular when it comes to events in relation to Belgium.

Even if it is not about Belgium, 1890 was the year when Luxembourg became independent from the Netherlands. This was because King William III of the Netherlands died (in 1890) without a male heir. In that year also the following people were born: Charles de Gaulle, Fritz Lang, Agatha Christie, Ho Chi Min, to name a few. Other famous people died in 1890: King Amadeus I of Spain, Vincent Van Gogh, Sitting Bull, Heinrich Schliemann, Blessed John Henry (Cardinal) Newman.

Readers will also notice that I have included picture of a house with the signature of architect Paul Saintenoy. According to the English Wikipedia article was an architect teacher, architectural historian, and writer. Well known works of Saintenoy are the the Pharmacie Delacre (1895) and Old England Department Store (1899), both located in rue Montagne de la Cour in Brussels.

I also included in this post a picture of the memorial to the Belgian campaigns in Africa. The place mentioned above the year 1890 is Redjaf (or Rejaf, or Lado). This place was an enclave of interest for King Leopold II. He sent troops there to expand his possessions in Africa.


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